4 April 2016

Presti Industries is an approved envelope manufacturer/supplier for Bridgestone Bandag®, Goodyear®, Marangoni®, and Michelin®.

Over the past year, Presti Industries has been recognized as an approved envelope manufacturer/supplier forBridgestone Bandag®, Goodyear®, Marangoni®, and Michelin® as well as to independent retreaders and overseas customers alike. “Much of this success is due to quality and persistence,” says Barry Presti. “We have also gained a reputation as an innovator, not least due to the fact that we have over 60 years’ experience within the company in the specific area of compression moulded envelopes.” “Our experience in this sector is one of our key advantages,” adds Darryl Presti. “Also important is our willingness to develop new products according to the demands of our key customers.” An example of this is the fact that Bridgestone was the influence for the development of Presti’s bar code tags. Similarly, Goodyear provided the impetus for the company’s integrated wick and valve, which features a special gas-permeable wick coated with a release agent so that the rubber won’t stick to it.

Having achieved such major growth, the company is now looking to maintain its progress in 2016 and is forecasting a further 50% growth by the end of the year.