New PX2 SureSeal Metal Ring – Setting 14 New Industry Standards – COMING SOON!

16 February 2024

The Presti Industries PX2 SureSeal Metal Ring is easier to use, designed for durability, and outperforms the competition. The new Longer Rails and Zero Pivot Point Hole makes it easier to install the SureSeal Rubber Ring. It also has a new Auto-Stop feature to keep the PX2 in the proper working range and SureSeal Rubber Ring properly engaged throughout the entire retreading process. The new GO / NO-GO Gauge provides visual feedback showing the proper pressure is applied to form a SureSeal.

The patent pending PX2 has set 14 new industry standards, including:

  1. Grade 8 Screw Mounted Clevis eliminates spot weld failures.
  2. Auto Stop keeps the PX2 Ring in the proper working range.
  3. GO/NO-GO Indicator shows proper pressure is applied.
  4. Riveted Handle construction eliminates weld failures.
  5. Hollow Ergonomic Color-Coded Handle.
  6. Barcode Serialization for QC Tracking.
  7. Sled Bearing for smoother actuation.
  8. XSR Rubber SureSeal has Deeper Dovetail.
  9. Rail Stabilizer to hold rail parallel for smoother actuation.
  10. Longer Rails makes it easier to install XSR Rubber SureSeal.
  11. Zero Pivot Hole makes it easier to install XSR Rubber SureSeal.
  12. Optional G-Saddle for additional clearance for larger OD tires.
  13. Larger Trunnion on Pivot Block for smoother actuation.
  14. Flange Handle Sides to increase handle rigidity.

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