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The envelope barcode tag serializes the envelope with a unique identification.  The barcode can be used to provide envelope performance data and traceability for quality control systems.  The barcode tag uses a 128 Code and is human readable.  All of Presti outside envelopes come standard with a barcode tag at no additional cost.


Presti Industries SureSeal Rimless System is superior by design. The SureSeal Rubber Ring is seamlessly molded and form fits the bead area of the tire for a SureSeal. Designed to be 100% compatible with the industry’s most popular rimless system and outperforms the competition in both low and high-temperature systems. The SureSeal Rimless System increases productivity, envelope life, and our customers’ bottom line. Sizes available: 24.5/24.0 • 22.5/22.0 • 20.0


Presti’s new M23 envelope sets a new performance standard.  Presti’s re-engineered envelopes are significantly lighter than the originals. We increased the elastic properties and made it easier to use without sacrificing durability. We also improved its thermal conductive properties decreasing the time to transfer heat during the curing process. We optimized our envelope sizing to deliver a superior fit while minimizing inventory requirements of different sizes. All Presti envelopes come